Michelle Greenham

Position: Practice Manager
Email: [email protected]

As Practice Manager, Michelle is responsible for all aspects of the day to day running of the firm.  This includes interacting and liaising with the professional and support staff.  Her areas of responsibility include finance, technology, human resources, marketing and operations.

Michelle ensures all support services are in place so the legal teams can do what they do best – help clients achieve the appropriate remuneration for their injuries.

For over 10 years Michelle has been with Paul Alvaro Lawyers and has a genuine understanding of clients’ needs.  As well as connecting with new clients, Michelle has contact with current and past clients who call up for further assistance.

Michelle will listen and organise an in depth appointment with one of our solicitors or refer you to a law firm which can help with your legal need.  This is how we try to help everyone who calls us.

Her years of experience and range of skills means she is a natural fit for the role of Practice Manager within our firm.

Recognition & Memberships

Bachelor of Financial Administration

Graduate Certificate in Management

Associate Diploma in Accounting

Fellow of Institute of Public Accountants

Member of Australia Legal Practice Management Association