Workcover Lawyers Adelaide

Workcover Lawyers Adelaide

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Our workcover lawyers in Adelaide can help if you’ve been injured at work or are suffering from a work-related illness. We understand you can feel vulnerable and powerless if you have no legal professional to help you sort out your compensation claim. Paul Alvaro has over 50 years of experience, and Paul Alvaro Lawyers has been a trusted legal advisor since 2003. We are a boutique law firm focusing on personal injury, family law, and wills & estates. Our lawyers deliver the highest quality legal advice tailored to your circumstances. The firm has received several awards in Doyle’s Guide to Lawyers, including Preeminent in Workers Compensation and Preeminent in Accident Compensation. We will represent you with integrity, honesty, efficiency, and respect while being your strongest advocate.

Paul Alvaro Lawyers will listen to your needs and provide knowledgeable and insightful legal advice in an understanding, empathetic, and professional manner. We work hard to fight in your corner and protect your interests. Our team is always on hand to guide you through the workers’ compensation claim process from beginning to end. We also have experience in

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You might be entitled to compensation under the Return to Work Act 2014 if you suffer a work-related injury or illness. Compensation claims are made through an agent for the Return to Work Corporation of South Australia (Return To Work SA). Here is what you might be entitled to if you are injured at work.

  • Income support
  • Reasonable and necessary medical treatment and care
  • Return to work services such as job placement and retraining
  • Lump sum compensation
  • Transportation costs; and
  • Death and funeral expenses
Workcover Lawyers Adelaide
Workcover Lawyers Adelaide

You can bring a Common Law Claim for damages if you are severely injured. The Common Law Claim allows employees to sue employers if they feel the employer contributed to their injury through negligence. When you make a Common Law Claim, it’s up to you to prove your employer breached their duty to care for you, causing you injury, pain, and suffering. Our workcover lawyers will help you decide whether to make a Common Law Claim or claim for worker’s compensation.

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Navigating a claim for workers’ compensation can be complex, especially if you are still recovering. Fortunately, our workcover lawyers in Adelaide are ready to help you. A claim for workers’ compensation should be made as soon as possible after you sustain an injury. Additionally, you should seek medical attention immediately and report the injury to your employer. You must complete a Notice of Injury and Claim for Compensation form, and your employer will complete an Employer Report form. These forms are forwarded by your employer to Employers Mutual, the claims processing agent for WorkCover, to initiate your claim.

You must lodge a WorkCover claim within six months of your injury or illness diagnosis. However, there are circumstances that a claim will be accepted after six months. If you are over 18 years old and want to lodge Common Law Claims associated with workplace injury or illness, you have three years from the accident date to lodge and settle a claim with the insurer. If the claim is unsuccessful, the court proceeding must be filed before the third anniversary of the accident. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry. Paul Alvaro Lawyers is ready to help you.

Workcover Lawyers Adelaide

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